"We have had the pleasure of working with architect Barry Shapiro, leading architect in Home San Miguel,  to design our home in San Miguel de Allende. Barry has great organizational skills, is a warm and caring communicator and has an impeccable eye for detail. The quality of work was exactly what we were looking for. He listened carefully to what our vision was and worked closely with us to create it. Utilizing natural light and allowing for an ease and flow through space were important to us. My wife and I are simply overjoyed by the design and how it supports the way we want to live daily as a family. Barry took into consideration all of our ideas and needs, from family spaces, separate offices, as well as thinking ahead to possibly renting or selling in the future.

I highly recommend the experience of working with our favorite architectural visionary Barry Shapiro!"

Sky Y.

Family photos by: UZBK Photography



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