We were looking for a soft Mexican modern rather minimalist home with architectural and structural integrity. At the same time, we wanted a home that would respect and reflect the time-tested magic of San Miguel. 

Home San Miguel delivered on exactly what our hearts desired.





From the very beginning, we knew we had made the right decision purchasing our home with Home San Miguel.

My husband and I retired 4 years ago and were excited to begin a completely new adventure. We felt that a move out of the country would satisfy our desire for change. We decided to come to San Miguel de Allende because we had many friends who were enchanted with this lovely city in Mexico. We don’t speak the language and we did not have friends living here - all the more exciting for us. We were surprised how quickly we felt at home and how many wonderful people we met and became good friends with. And we did what so many of us do that come here, we quickly buy a property that turns out to be a disappointment. We learned a lot from that experience and brought us to the Aurora neighborhood that we love.


I believe that the process of building a house is as important as the end result- you love what you’re creating with a team of professionals or you feel like you’re in free fall. From the very beginning, we knew we had made the right decision purchasing our home with Home San Miguel. Home San Miguel´s leading architect is knowledgable, honest, approachable and a most delightful person to work with. We had full confidence in every interaction that he was fully committed to providing us a beautiful home with the best materials. Our punch list was minuscule - in fact, there is only one item left.


The neighborhood has developed into an inviting small enclave - our neighbors are as excited as we are to be here and we are building our own community. We are also part of Colonia Aurora and have easy access to everything we need - to include a small vegetable tienda on one corner and an excellent butcher on the next. We come home and are so happy to be here and complement each other on our wise choice- this time!


We value the elegant simplicity of our comfortable home.

Its beautiful design is a perfect canvas for our art, belongings, and the way we entertain. The spaces flow and everything functions easily. The HSM team was there for us at every step when we bought our home. Communication was always pleasant and our questions and requests were always answered. We love to have the choice of being quietly at home but close enough to Centro activities. We love San Miguel—we've found the amount of activity and culture we enjoy. The community is friendly, kind, and helpful, and has embraced us in our new life in Mexico.

Nory & Harvey | Miami, Florida

I could not be more satisfied with my new home!

My wonderful new home designed and built by the team at Home San Miguel is not the first experience I’ve had with new construction in Mexico, but it is definitely the best. From beginning to end, architect Barry Shapiro and his professional building partners have been a pleasure to work with. 

Karen | Portland, Oregon

We absolutely LOVE our home; as does every single person who enters...

Working with Home San Miguel opened up a whole new world for me as far as being able to experience beautiful, coherent architectural design come to life.

Mary Ellen & Jordi

My wife and I are simply overjoyed by the design and how it supports the way we want to live daily as a family.

Home San Miguel has great organizational skills, they're warm and caring communicators and have an impeccable eye for detail. The quality of work was exactly what we were looking for. They listened carefully to what our vision was and worked closely with us to create it. Utilizing natural light and allowing for an ease and flow through space were important to us. Home San Miguel took into consideration all of our ideas and needs, from family spaces, separate offices, as well as thinking ahead to possibly renting or selling in the future.

Sky Yeager

What we enjoy most about our new house is how easy it is to live in.

My husband John and I purchased a house in Obraje in 2015. After selling our house in centro, we had looked at a number of houses with the hopes of finding a place that we liked which was a bit more off the beaten path. The majority of the homes we saw were sprawling concrete boxes, many with steep stair cases, and most lacked natural light unless you were willing to climb up to a distant roof-top terrace. We wanted something that required less maintenance than our previous home but none of the houses our realtor showed us seemed to meet our needs. Finally, when we were about to give up, our realtor called and urged us to come see a new house in Obraje. The minute we walked in, John and I fell in love with the open floor plan, the nine foot natural wood ceilings, the large windows opening onto a central courtyard, the spacious bedrooms, the modern bathrooms, and the kitchen with its granite countertops and generous cupboard space.  


What we enjoy most about our new house is how easy it is to live in. On the main floor, we have everything we need during the day, including a garage, laundry facilities, study, and a large private guest suite for our visitors, and we do seem to get our share of visitors in this magical city! The second floor has an ensuite bedroom which opens onto a large covered deck where we have a glorious view of San Miguel's beautiful churches and the setting sun in the west. The house is positioned in such a way that it gets east light in the morning, and west sun at night so it is comfortably warmed by passive solar light.  We rarely have to use our heaters, even on the coldest winter days.  


We had a few issues with water coming in above the windows and moisture in a couple of the walls but those problems were taken care of by excellent workmen and even after the warranty had expired, we were able to report a concern and have it attended to in an efficient manner. The Home San Miguel team has been accessible and responsive to our communications which is important to us, and as time has passed, our lovely house has become our home. It was a perfect choice for us.

Margaret Paul

We love our new house in San Miguel de Allende built by Home San Miguel!

The purchase was one of our easiest and best decisions ever! The well thought out design makes the place so livable. The rooms are filled with light. The dining/living room especially is a joy and opens out into a sizable and tranquil courtyard garden, perfect for sipping coffee in the morning or entertaining at night. The deep front garden shields us from the street and provides parking, a big plus in the middle of town. The roomy casita located off the back garden provides rest and privacy for guests.  The rooftop is a dream - the perfect place to idle or watch the sunset and later the star filled sky.

HSM does not leave you in the lurch!  After  we moved in, their dedicated staff were always available to resolve any problems or questions we had, and ever ready to assist with scheduling extra needs. This valuable service plus their one-year warranty provides us with enormous comfort.  We cannot recommend HSM more highly.

Beryl Gilmore and Joe Asin



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