Following Your Dream to San Miguel de Allende

It’s not every time you go on vacation and never leave. Well, this could be that time. San Miguel de Allende has become the home to many tourists over the years. Not only their home, but the life they have always dreamed of. Whether you are settling down for your golden years or raising a new family, the possibilities are vast.

“I’ve lived here for four years and even though I work full time, I still feel like I’m on vacation,” says Shannon from Illinois. Envision a place rich with culture and beauty that provides the opportunity to live comfortably and affordably that has every luxury of the United States. Impossible, right? Think again. Quality healthcare, schools, housing industry, and an expanding economy, alongside a supportive, amicable community, make it hard to believe such a place is anything but a fairy-tale. The vibrant colonial architecture might give off that impression at times, yet it’s a reality.

Looking to take it easy and focus on your health and hobbies? There’s more than enough to go around. Yoga, pilates, massage, holistic practitioners, natural hot springs and gyms are at your disposal. Let’s not forget those Spanish classes. Plus art classes, film festivals, concerts and plays are always on the calendar. In addition, a 30-minute drive and you’re in the bustling city of Queretaro to handle those big shopping days or a change of scenery.

Be a part of a welcoming community that offers efficient and affordable living combined with the serenity and charm of a lively culture. All this and more along with a gorgeous new home that won’t break the bank…life is looking pretty dreamy.

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