Making San Miguel de Allende Your New Home

We all want to find that place that feels like ‘home.’ Some don’t venture far from their hometown and will never know what incredible places the world has in store. Some people spend years of searching and wandering to find it. One such place could in fact be the small colonial town of San Miguel de Allende located in the heart of Mexico.

With its history of strong indigenous peoples, the influx of the Spanish culture, its significance as the seat of the 1810 Revolution, and the thriving present day, supportive bilingual community with a growing modern economy make San Miguel de Allende a community worth discovering.

Along with its aesthetic beauty, dynamic art and cultural community, and the welcoming people that makes San Miguel de Allende such a wonder is its affordability. “My wife and I are so grateful to have found a community as wonderful and accepting as this place. And I can actually afford to be here and not have to worry,” says Mark from New York. “Housing to groceries to an evening out is just more convenient here,” Mark explains. “Like any place, it’s not without its faults, but the pros really do outweigh the inconveniences.”

These and many other reasons are why San Miguel de Allende has become home to so many. A bilingual community and appealing infrastructure in a small town that is truly affordable allows anyone to enjoy their time here. You might say it’s just right.

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