Relocating Abroad? Why not San Miguel?

Perhaps you’ve visited a place and considered relocating, as part of a near-term or long-term retirement plan. When you consider “taking the plunge”, it can seem daunting to jump in fully, or right away. Many people who move to San Miguel de Allende choose to do so full time. Others keep their first home and buy a second home. Choosing to live in San Miguel de Allende part-time allows the option to rent your home short- or long-term. This can give you a flexibility that choosing “one place or the other” does not, and it can offer an opportunity to maximize your income potential from your properties.

With the rise in popularity of home rental websites, more and more people are opting to rent private homes over hotels. San Miguel de Allende is a popular destination for tourists, so there is always a demand for vacation rentals. Many visitors, particularly from the U.S. and Canada, like to spend a month or two here during “high season”--December, January, February and March. Other times that draw a high number of visitors fall in September, including Mexican Independence Day (the 16th) and September 29th which is the Feast Day of the Archangel St.Michael, the patron saint of San Miguel. Every weekend of the year, Mexicans from nearby areas visit San Miguel.

A draw for retirees or those wishing to own a second home is San Miguel’s long-established expat community, comprised mainly of U.S. and Canadian expats, but including all nationalities. But there is a new, younger group of expats who have made their homes in San Miguel de Allende more recently. These are families with children in elementary, middle, or high school. This is a departure from the more “traditional” group of expats in San Miguel, who tend more towards semi-retirement or retirement age [and activities]. [Living abroad with a family and children was typically something only people with overseas job assignments or military careers did previously.] These days, parents want their children to learn a second language while they are young, and they want them to experience another culture. Those with flexible, Internet-based jobs, or jobs that require travel are able to relocate for these reasons. Some of these families rent homes while living here, but many opt to buy or build a first or second home. As a result, San Miguel de Allende has become a multi-dimensional location for expats of many enthusiasms and circumstances.

Photos by Ernesto Morales

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