Your Perfect Haven Could Be San Miguel de Allende

Oftentimes we hear ‘nothing is perfect,’ and maybe this is true. However, we can get incredibly close. When it comes to quality of life, whether you’re looking to retire or not, in many ways, Mexico is much like the U.S. was 50 years ago—slower paced, with a cultural sense of community that enriches everyday life. San Miguel, in particular, is one of those overlooked towns where you won’t spend a fortune creating your very own haven.

San Miguel de Allende is a diamond in the rough that signifies the real essence and

atmosphere this unique country has to offer. Although it has moved away from third-world, the cost is still a fraction of what you’ll pay in the U.S.—healthcare to education, real-estate to groceries, entertainment to telecommunication‑are not only inexpensive, it’s quality. Beautiful, traditional homes can be found for under $150,000, well-trained medical professionals are a quarter to a half the cost of the U.S., there are several bilingual schools to meet your child’s educational needs, fresh organic produce and meat is easy to find, and cultural events from film to concerts are always available. The advantages are abundant. It’s hard to find a place anywhere else in the world that compares.

San Miguel’s strong culture, thriving community, and comfortable environment make it so much more. Located in the high-desert region of central Mexico, San Miguel’s climate is rarely uncomfortable. Never too hot, never too cold. The geography includes the Los Picachos mountain range, canyons, seasonal streams, a lake, and a variety of vegetation. The locals are quite possibly the most cordial, inviting people you will come across. By the first week your social life will be up and running. A fiesta or event of some sort is always right around the corner. And with excellent highways and airports, it’s easy to explore if you want to venture out to the cities and beaches for a change of pace.

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