The ‘Soft Modern’ Design of our homes

The traditional Spanish Colonial architecture that represents several eras of European styles, sometimes mixed with local Mexican architectural and design elements, is a draw for many who live and visit here. Yet Mexico has a strong history of renowned contemporary architecture, and today there is a dynamic mixture of both styles in many towns and cities within the country.

Home San Miguel's architect Barry Shapiro calls his design aesthetic “soft modern,” a humanistic life-style approach to creating comfortable, flowing living spaces filled with light, which he has developed and refined over many years practicing architectural design in the U.S. and San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico. This contemporary aesthetic is comprised of geometric spaces, cleanly aligned design elements and the complimentary inclusion of design elements and materials drawn from the local environment. These include tejamanil wood ceilings, brick bovedas, locally quarried cantera stone, and the expansive feeling of contiguous indoor/outdoor areas (also a hallmark of contemporary design).

The ‘soft modern’ result is an extremely inviting and quality-built living space with both the impact of a contemporary openness and flow of space, plenty of light, soothing colors, state-of-the-art modern functionality, and the allure and beauty of local materials and historical design elements.

According to owners of a Home San Miguel home, the reason they love their home is that it strikes a balance between lived and experienced environments:

“We love the traditional architecture here in San Miguel de Allende, and we love stepping out into the fray, enjoying the many boisterous celebrations that make this town really feel alive. But when we are ready to go home, we appreciate the shift in environment and ambience that our home gives us. It feels like a modern oasis within a traditional town.”

Watch this video that will show in 54 seconds aesthetic features of San Miguel de Allende and our homes. You'll definetly enjoy it!

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