Is San Miguel safe? Are gringos still welcome?

These are questions that many anxious North Americans ask us about our town, and

indeed about all of Mexico. Here is what we often say in reply. Crime in San Miguel is like most places…localized, but not systematic. Most people we know feel safe in San Miguel, and new people come to town and set up home daily, it seems. Like smart city dwellers anywhere, we’re vigilant. We take sensible precautions, like locking homes. We suspect that the possibility of having an incident here is no different than in any city in the US. Most of Home San Miguel’s team lives in or near Centro, which feels very safe to us. You hear stories about petty crime in some outlying neighborhoods, but nothing much more than that caused by wayward youth anywhere. The local paper, the Atencion, publishes a police blotter weekly, a transparency very much appreciated by the foreign community. Surely, there is systematic drug-related crime in Mexico, but it seems concentrated on the borders. You feel its absence especially on weekends, when San Miguel swells with playful visiting Mexican tourists from nearby cities – clearly the ones who would know best - who appear to relish not only the town’s history and delights, but its safety. The Mexican community feels more empathy than antipathy towards American residents in San Miguel, even after all the chaos the new U.S. President has caused with his policies toward Mexican immigrants and with his seemingly imminent border wall. Mexican locals continue to treat foreigners with the same respect that they always have. San Miguel’s strong foreign community is known in town for promoting wellness by sponsoring nonprofits that change lives. And it is clear that the Americans who have chosen to make San Miguel their home are not the same fearful ones who want build walls between neighbors. We don’t believe that either crime or fear of the Mexican community’s response to President Trump are reasons not to pursue your retirement in San Miguel. We hope these thoughts ease your fears and make your decision to follow your dream that much easier. Perhaps, next time you visit us, you’ll consider arranging a tour of a wide range of homes (including ours, which we know show well against others) with the bilingual real estate agents who list our homes, Joseph Lown of Realty San Miguel, and Jessica Patterson of CDR.

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