Start living in the Best City in the World

Yes, San Miguel de Allende was named best travel destination in the world, again, this time by Travel + Leisure, in its annual list, 15 Top World Cities. This beautiful city has been on the top charts of different world publications and famous blogs for 3 years in a row! You no doubt realize that this amazing destination offers an impressive selection of tourist services and amenities surrounded by culture, architectural beauty, fantastic weather, and a welcoming community. Still, it’s a big step to continue your life’s adventure abroad, so here are three practical tips that may help you move forward. 1. Overcome your doubt by deconstructing your fears. When it comes to moving abroad, there are a long list of reasons people put it off, but almost all of them come back to fear. Fear of a new language, fear of a new lifestyle, fear of fitting in. So if your true heart’s desire is to live abroad, but you may be being held back by fear, here’s something that may help. Take a sheet of paper and draw two columns; in column one list all of your fears. Name them. In column two write a possible solution for each one. Doing this can help you gain perspective on your fears and see ways to approach them. Facing our generalized fear can be overwhelming; deconstructing them and looking at them one by one can be empowering. 2. Build your network before you move. You can start to cultivate a network of friends before you move. Remember that great couple you met on your last visit? Well, keep in touch with them. Didn’t interact with the community in your one and only visit? Then, plan another trip with that on mind, enroll in a class, join a book club or attend events listed in Atencion’s Que Pasa. San Miguel’s foreign community is well known for its openness to newcomers, so jump right in! 3. Find a home that inspires and comforts you.

San Miguel de Allende has a large inventory of homes for rent and for sale. You will find one that provides for your needs, and in which you can find inspiration and calm, allowing you to live in San Miguel at its best. We think a great home has a great location, is near Centro, has a level walk to the Jardin, offers great views and a place for a car, and provides all the amenities you enjoy in Mexican modern charm. We are certain you will find this home of your dreams, and when you do, you’ll know you’re ready to live in the World’s Best City.

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