3 Amazing things to do in San Miguel that can improve your lifestyle

There are MANY good qualities about this magical town that have been recognized worldwide. Here are our top three simple and amazing things that lead to an improved lifestyle in San Miguel.

1. Living around Centro allows you to WALK EVERYWHERE and be healthier. As we all know, good health is the foundation of all other enjoyments in life. Walking strengthens your heart, lowers disease risk, and boosts your energy and mood. Walking on the cobble stone streets, surrounded by beautiful architecture and color, leads you to greater mindfulness and inspiration.

2. The constant good weather and festive vibe of the town, combined with the vibrant local and expat community, leaves no reason for you to feel isolated. SOCIALIZING becomes so easy when most people are willing to make new friends. There are many activities (writing workshops, painting workshops, cooking workshops, yoga studios, golf clubs, volunteer service) that can get you involved in the community very quickly and keep you connected and inspired.

3. We’ve long believed that taking time to CONNECT WITH NATURE is important. Its positive effects on human health and well-being create a deeper respect for the planet and, with that, a greater understanding of ourselves. Connecting with nature in San Miguel is always inviting, through breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, amazing mountain views, stunning natural preserves as Charco del Ingenio, relaxing thermal waters, plentiful organic farms, and ancient activities like temazcal and equinox celebrations.

And, don't be surprised this list grows once you've started living here. We're sure you'll find much more positive impact.

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