Where is the Perfect Location for Your New Home in San Miguel?

When seeking your perfect house, you’ll also need to find the perfect location. For most North Americans, the search for the perfect location begins with the Jardin, the heart and soul of San Miguel. It is where we go to sit, to play, to watch, and to listen to music, almost any time of day or night. For many, being close to the Jardin is most important. And yet the bars and restaurants around the Jardin, visited by revelers, can be noisy all day and late into the night, so being not too close can also be important. So for some, the perfect location is close enough to the Jardin to be convenient, yet far enough to be quiet. For many, the Holy Grail of location is a level walk to the Jardin. You learn quickly that the town is built on a hill, so traveling two of the four directions from the Jardin involve going up or down. We are at altitude, after all, and climbing hills on cobblestones can be challenging for many. So for many, the length of the walk is less important than that the walk be level.

Yet some love to be high enough so that the angle of San Miguel’s hillside lets them see spectacular views to the West, as well as its sunsets. But not so high that they dread the horrors of huffing and puffing every time they walk home. So for some, the perfect location is high enough above the Jardin to see views, yet low enough to be convenient. Let’s revisit noisy and quiet. We’ve said that being further from the busy center can be quieter. But even a quiet residential neighborhood can have noisy neighbors, so be sure your perfect home isn’t next door to a metal-working shop, for example. So for many, considering your future neighbors carefully is key. That said, the perfect location is as much a state of mind as a place to find. Consider the common joke in San Miguel. Question: Why do the dogs bark? Answer: Why do you listen? Bring your sense of humor, curiosity and discovery to wherever you land, and you will always be at home.

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